Let us introduce ourselves

International Business Leaders

Vittorio Quagliotti
Cédric Weill
Central Europe
Mikko Latvala
EMEA Distributors
Stephen Ding
Asia Pacific & Latin America

International Marketing Team

Jean Marc D’hondt
VP, Int'l Marketing
Kris van Thuyne
Director Customer Development, International Marketing
Kim Buekers
Marketing & Support Manager Distributors, International Marketing
Eleonora Delvecchio
Senior Product Manager, International Marketing
Mariëtte Kampman
Communication & Media Manager, International Marketing
Angela Leenders
Medical Education Manager, International Marketing
Solène Bertholon
Marketing Coordinator
Satenik de Bruijn-Amiranyan
Medical Education Coordinator, International Marketing
Anne Buchanan
Event Manager, International Marketing Elite Event Solutions

Local Marketing Team

Giorgio D’Addetta
Knee Marketing Manager Italy
Nathan English
Marketing Manager United Kingdom
Andrea Scaccianoce
Hip Product Manager Italy
Frederic Louis
Marketing Manager Central Europe

Compliance Team

Bradley Ottinger
Vice President, Legal, Compliance & Human Resources
Pam Guthrie
Sr. Counsel, Professional Affairs and Compliance
Donna Frangenberg
Executive Administrative Assistant
Amy Friers
Deputy Compliance Officer
Mary Morris Fratesi
Manager, Compliance Training and Policies
Angela Hayes
Manager, Compliance Auditing and Monitoring
Kathy McGee
Professional Affairs Specialist
Tommy Willis
Sr. Specialist, Aggregate Spend
Stacey Taylor
Sr. Auditor, Compliance Auditing and Monitoring