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MicroPort Orthopedics is all about improving human life through the practical application of innovative science. Our aim is to continually develop leading technologies and products for physicians, with life-saving solutions and treatments for patients.

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Procotyl® P Acetabular Cup System

Procotyl® P Acetabular Cup System Multibearing Acetabular System


The digital companion for patients joint replacement journey

Full Function, Faster®

Enhanced Recovery Protocols

Medial-Pivot Knee System

eMP™ Second Generation Medial-Pivot

SuperPath® Direct Superior Hip Technique

Soft Tissue Preserving technique combined with MicroPort products

Profemur® Preserve

Short Stem Philosophy

Profemur® Gladiator®

The Profemur Gladiator® Family - A Total Hip System

Procotyl® L Acetabular Cup System

Fast forward™ to versatility